40-year anniversary of Boris Eifman Ballet Theater 🎉🎈

February 12, preparation for the concert – performance “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” on the Alexandrinsky Theater stage. The past, present and future of the world-renowned collective.

«The ballet repertoire of modern Russia, created by the Theater, is our present. However, on the anniversary celebration Day, we will not only focus on the day of today, but also look at the future, the curtain on which will be opened by the students of the Academy of Dance and talented choreographers of the new generation. On the other hand, I want to turn to the past, pay tribute to all those who contributed to the creative development of our theater», – Boris Eifman says Boris Eifman

In the first part of the evening the students of the Boris Eifman Dance Academy – an innovative type ballet school that opened in 2013 and focused on the training of universal dancres – will present a festive program. It will include choreographic performances composed by the leading soloist of the Theater, Honored Artist of Russia Oleg Gabishev, as well as the teachers of the Academy Irina Kuznetsova, Elena Kuzmina and Konstantin Keikhel. Some of these works already have their own stage history. So, “Dryads” by Elena Kuzmina and “Ritual” by Oleg Gabishev were successfully performed by the Academy’s students at ballet competitions, festivals, during European and Asian tours. In addition, during the first part of the concert, the future stars of the ballet will first perform fragments from Boris Eifman’s famous performances “Beyond Sin” (based on the novel by the Brother F. Karamazov) and “Red Giselle”.

Another choreographic work by Oleg Gabishev, which guests of the evening will see, will be a one-act ballet «Snowstorm» specially composed for the anniversary of the music of Sviridov and Tchaikovsky specially for the anniversary. His premiere will take place in the second department. The central theme of «Snowstorm» is the limitless power of rock over man. Using the expressive means of modern ballet, the author shows how people turn into puppets in the hands of a capricious fate. The main parts in the production are danced by Oleg Gabyshev, the leading soloist of the Theater Lyubov Andreeva and the teacher-tutor (recently a soloist) of the troupe Ilya Osipov.

Also in the program of the second department – scenes from the «Russian Hamlet» performance, dedicated to the prince Pavel, and the ballet «Up & Down» based on F. Fitzgerald’s novel” The Night Is Gentle “. Fragments from these performances of Eifman will be presented by the company of the Theater. Both ballets are highly appreciated by the public and critics of Russia and the world.



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